Bernadette Van-Huy is an artist and photographer. In 1994, she co-founded the collective Bernadette Corporation, whose eponymous clothing brand of the 90s and subsequent artistic productions have had a profound cultural impact. Bernadette Corporation has exhibited at galleries and museums such as Greene Naftali Gallery (N.Y.), Gaga Gallery (L.A.), Artists Space (N.Y.), the ICA (London), and the Whitney Museum (N.Y.).

As the group’s image-maker, Van-Huy has created a distinctive and influential body of work, published in magazines such as Purple, Dazed and Confused, Self Service, and Liberation Style. For the images she conceives, Van-Huy directs every aspect of the art production, styling and hair/makeup. Earlier, she also worked on images (with photographers such as Mark Borthwick) in the capacity of a stylist.

Doing photography herself since 2016, whereas she would previously outsource the role, Van-Huy has shot for magazines such as Purple, Interview, and Buffalo Zine, as well as published an artist book of photos and drawings called In Person.